The Presage Personal Biofeedback Device

The PreSage is a very accurate (16 bits minimum) and fast (up to 20 samples/second) system which is capable of acquiring up to four channels of biofeedback information simultaneously. It will include free PreSage Monitor software for PCs, which allows information to be saved and displayed as bar graphs and line chart formats. PreSage also includes a unique, RGB front panel display.

The PreSage will also connect to our Procyon system for Light & Sound Biofeedback sessions.


PMS and EEG study was conducted on 6  women with PMS. The results showed that when the woman were premenstrual, their EEGs were showing slower delta activity and slower P300 evoked responses than when they were in the middle of their cycle. Slow brainwave activity is the reason for appearing PMS as a disorder.

Brainwave Frequency vs. Cerebral Blood Flow

Photic stimulation is used for effectively treating slow brainwave disorders, also beta frequency neurofeedback is used for successfully treating these disorders. Even though these treatments are speeding up the brainwaves, they seem to be of secondary importance. Cerebral blood flow increases and neuronal activity increases have greater significance.


Laxman Light & Sound Mind Machine

The Laxman is the next generation of ‘Innertainment’ System of sound and light mind machines. The Laxman is the first of its kind multimedia device and is combining its features for the most effective sound and light entrainment.

The Laxman is breaking the ground in a few areas. Their All-Color Ganzfeld Open-Eye Goggles that are patented, are transmitting light spectrum colors indirectly on closed or open eyes. For shifting mind-states, this technology breakthrough works exceptionally good and its effectiveness is a result of the Ganzfeld Effect on the goggles. For achieving a relaxed mental state, you will be presented with different geometric kaleidoscopic shapes.

The Laxman is bringing a new level of auditory stimulation much above the conventional sound and light mind machines. There are pre-programmed sessions that have more than 4 hours of sound that is produced professionally and very comforting ambient with nature sounds. For having a unique and effective experience are used classic impulse frequencies, hemicircle sounds, and binaural beats. The software of LaxEdit is for uploading MP3 files to the Laxman with the purpose of using your own favorite tracks of music with sessions of light and sounds.

Using Laxman, any content like preinstalled Laxman sessions, language courses, your own sessions, audio books or your own suggestions can be transported to it.

What’s Included

Laxman sound and light mind machines are coming with included LCD display and steel casing with top quality, soft carrying case, all-color eyes-open ganzfeld goggles, earbud headphones with high-quality, instruction/handbook manual, batteries, microfiber cleaning cloth, support disc, and USB cable.

The Procyon Light and Sound Mind Machine – Audio Visual Synthesizer

Procyon is offering a new type of sound and light experience, combining clean digital sound with a whole spectrum of colors. This media form can be used to modify consciousness states in new different ways.

Procyon has a state-of-the-art synthesis of color which elements are moving smoothly from pure color fields (ganzfeld), through subtle effects that are shimmering, ending with a full-on flicker range of frequency up to 75 Hz. Color channels (blue, green and red) can be programmed independently, enabling at once, up to 3 stimulation frequencies simultaneously. The vast choice of visual effects is providing a new way of audio-visual experience and is matching the wanted mental state to the color.

Procyon using a Procyon program has the ability to synchronize precisely audio materials on a CD or MP3. This exclusive feature, called SynchroMuse, is for use ideally with language learning, color-work, personal growth, hypnotherapy, and the vast collection of libraries of music are now available.

Procyon Features:


  • Each color is presented through 255 shades (blue, green and red)
  • Multiple and complex visual effects, and waveforms
  • Frequency range: 0.1 to 75.0 Hz
  • Large flash memory storage
  • The color channels can be programmed independently
  • Interface with digital audio
  • Using a PC or other devices can be controlled with its USB interface

Control unit, GanzFrames glasses, cable for USB, headphones, a case for carrying, manual for using, one year warranty, and software for programming via download.


Procyon is the first synthesizer of advanced audio-visual effects. Flickering lights are vivid and pure. Can be programmed. Recommended for users of state-of-the-art sound and light machines.


The Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine by MindPlace

The Proteus will help you to have an amazing experience. For start, pick one of the sessions that are pre-programmed, light the frames and put on the headphones, and click on the start button. The picked session will softly lead you into some other mental state by using certain patterns of sounds and colored lights that are synchronized accordingly that will stimulate your senses.

Behind your closed eyelids you can see exceptional kaleidoscopic color patterns that dance using thick washes and sound pulses. The specific combination of pulses of sound and flickering color have a certain effect on the brainwaves. Throughout the session, there are geometric patterns that are shape-shifting and color cycles while that are guiding you toward the state of mind you want to achieve.

When your brainwaves start following the frequencies, the stress from the day is released. Proteus sessions have frequencies that are mimicking those frequencies that are found in the brainwaves during dreaming, meditation, and concentration with deep focus  – you start experiencing and feeling them as your brainwaves are synchronizing with the sound and lights. Your brain starts with producing more alpha and theta waves, and a lot fewer beta waves – what we usually have during busy periods throughout the day.

The Proteus was designed with the first time user in mind, so it is very easy to use. But you’ll find that there is much more than to the device than using the preset sessions as you become more familiar with its operation. There are enough features included with the Proteus to long satisfy even the most curious adventurer. From Audiostrobe technology that synchronizes special CDs that are encoded with music to the lights, to designing your own sessions with the included software, to controlling a Proteus session as it happens with your own thoughts (with the ThoughtStream – sold separately), and more – the number of possibilities are the reason so many customers become enthusiasts.

Please explore the material on our site if you’re interested in learning more about the Proteus and related technology. We are trying to make the information on our site useful for people coming from many different levels of experience, so you should be able to find anything from basic explanations to published scientific research on related technologies. Please e-mail us if you have any questions.

Buying a Franchise – is it a good way to start a small business?

Buying a Franchise – is it a good way to start a small business?

For people who are thinking about leaving their jobs and starting an unrelated business, one of the most difficult decisions to make is about the type of business to start. A lot of people have been in that position and ideas and opinion change on a daily basis; swinging from businesses that are believed to be profitable, to businesses that many might be interested in, to businesses that many enterprising individuals might seriously consider.  Many dream to have their own businesses but just couldn’t figure out what type of business to start, or how to actually run it. Then they hear about business format franchises and how they failed much less frequently than businesses started in any other way. Eureka! Surely this must be the way forward?

Yes, but what type of business franchise should you buy?

Okay, If you have decided to take the risk out of starting a business by buying a business format franchise, and this would show you how to do everything down to the last detail. But what type of business and which franchise should you buy?  You bought a book about buying a business franchise that listed a number of different franchises, sorted into business categories. It was really useful, and it talked about the factors to consider when buying a franchise. For example, whether the business had a successful trading history before it started selling franchises, that the money required for investment wasn’t just the franchise fee but needed to take everything into consideration, plus a reminder that the percentage taken by the franchisor wasn’t from the profits but from total sales, i.e., the from the top line before anything else was taken off.

Getting started with a business franchise

Once you have narrowed the type of business down you pick some franchises to investigate further. Look for those that really appeal to you, and go to their presentations for potential franchisees and find out about their quality. Choose the one that looks the most professional and signed up.  Ask to speak to any current franchisees. Get a business loan to supplement your savings in order to buy the franchise and get started with your franchise business. But it will be quite a struggle, particularly since you have no idea what you are doing and was naïve to an extent you can hardly believe now.

Here’s a video that explains how business franchising works:

Business format franchise documents and training

The training and documentation provided by franchisors is one of the main reasons people buy franchises, and this is usually comprehensive and very helpful. Take the business of being in business seriously enough and realise that it requires hard work. In this respect no amount of training and documentation can make up for the fact that rather than being the driven, hardworking soul that you imagined, you can actually be pretty lazy. You are not alone in this, since you’ll soon find other franchisees that could say the same thing for themselves. Some of them will say to you that they had always wanted their own business, and thought that they would be working on it twenty-four hours a day, but they weren’t.

Find out all about the local master franchisee

One of the main attractions of the franchise that you choose to buy is the local master franchisee. The local master franchisee is already established for a number of years and will provide amazing resources in terms of services and business contacts. But if the franchise is offered by an international company, make sure you find out find everything you can about the local master franchisee and their intentions for the future.

So, is buying a business format franchise a good way to get started in our own small businesses?

Yes. You can just continue the business under your own business name when your franchise expires and when you already know what you are doing.  Aside from your business’ day to day operations, you can handle marketing as well. However, it would be best if you just tap the services of a professional or an agency that will you  launch and manage successful PPC ad campaigns while reducing advertising costs. They will successfully promote your business to as many people as possible. A digital marketing agency can even help you set up a website and provide engaging content such as blogs and articles to increase traffic and generate sales.

Knowing what you know, you think you could easily have started the business without the enormous outlay on franchise fees (and royalties), but that’s the thing – you are new in the business and you need all the structure that the franchise can give you. People often think that if they could just go back and start again they would be able to do a much better job, but that’s not the way life works. We don’t know in the beginning what we know later, and we have to learn as we go. Using whatever knowledge and support a franchise can offer might enable  you to get going in your own businesses, where otherwise you couldn’t.

Achieving Self Mastery – How to Become the Creator of Your Own Life

Self mastery is a gift you deserve to give yourself. Knowing, accepting, and loving who you are, forms the basis for achieving self mastery.

Self mastery allows you to become the creator and victor of your life, instead of a victim of circumstances and the world around you. Self mastery is a skill and a gift. Once acquired, it bestows the knowledge that you are the master of your own life. It gives you a deeper understanding of your own thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions.

How to Achieve Self Mastery

To get to the point where you can truly say you are the master of your own life requires three key elements:

Increasing Awareness

Increased awareness is the first step in the voyage toward self mastery. When you are really aware you are able to be fully present with the events that unfold around you and with yourself. Being fully aware of yourself is perhaps the greatest state of awareness you can accomplish.

Self awareness is like ‘dancing in the moment’, being conscious of every move you make, feeling what you feel, and noticing what you think – without judgment!

Self awareness gives you access to the resources within you. It frees you to be open, authentic, and self-reflective. Many people get so caught up in the ‘busy-ness’ of life that they take little time to reflect on the choices they are making. When you are self aware, you are consciously making decisions that are aligned with your core values and personal beliefs.

Accept What Is

The second principle of self mastery, accepting what is, is often challenging. To accept what is, you have to accept who you are and where you find yourself at the present time. It requires being patient and understanding with yourself; knowing and accepting that you are doing the best you know how in any given moment.

Accepting what is, means suspending or letting go of the judgments you make about yourself, others, and the events in your life. When you judge what you see and how you feel, you push away the opportunity to change. It is only when you give up ‘what should be’ that you can fully experience the perfection of ‘what is’.

When you accept what is, you will begin to experience the freedom this new perspective brings. When you lose the blinders of restricting beliefs and accept the gift of clarity, you will see options and opportunities that were previously unavailable to you. Accepting what is, is perhaps the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.

Seek To Understand

The final step toward self mastery is seeking to understand yourself. With self knowledge you understand how you operate and what motivates you. You maximize your innate ability to grow and change. Understanding precedes change!

Seeking to understand is not about trying to identify what is right or wrong. Here again, it is important to avoid judgment and find value in all expressions and experiences of your life. To increase self knowledge, you must accept that each experience in life is useful and necessary; that they are conduits for personal growth and evolution.

Here are insights and questions that will enable you to continue your own journey toward self mastery:

  1. Make a commitment to self-knowledge with the clear intention of achieving mastery of yourself and your innate ability to create the life you want.
  2. Notice and become aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  3. Begin to experiment by seeing each moment as an opportunity to choose the experiences you want.
  4. Write an affirmation statement to reinforce the belief that you are doing the best you know how. Read this statement to yourself many times a day.
  5. Picture yourself accepting life for what it is – each day consciously rid yourself of negative, judgmental thoughts. Soon, feeling and thinking without judgment will become natural.
  6. Take time to analyze the events and circumstances in your life.What have you learned?What has made you stronger?What mistakes are you repeating?What have you done better the second time around?What will you continue to work on?
  7. Apply everything you learn about yourself to your pursuit of self mastery

Self mastery is a gift you deserve to give yourself. Knowing, accepting, and loving who you are, forms the basis for achieving self mastery – these are the qualities that will allow you to be present in every moment and learn from everything without judgment. Nobody can ever know more about you than yourself and with self mastery, no body and no thing can ever determine your life’s path but yourself.

Things You Need to Know Before Trying Colored Contacts

Are you one of many people who always love to wear colored contact lenses? Are you just wearing it for your eye to look more beautiful or just wearing it for some occasions? Then keep on reading the things that you should know before you try to wear colored contact lenses

Colored Contact Lenses are Just the Same with the Normal Ones

Colored contact lenses only have one difference with the normal one. Do you know what it is? Yes, their colors. As stated by Dr. Justin Bazan:

Contact lenses and the normal ones have the same designs, but the colored one has a clearer counterpart rather than the normal one.

Little Bit Uncomfortable to Wear

When you try to wear normal contact lenses, you might feel that it is quite thinner than the colored one. Wearing colored contacts might give you some uncomfortable feeling. But the advantage is that colored lenses are thicker and are more comfortable to remove and to wear than the regulars.

Colored contact lenses can add that added sparkle to your overall lookColored Contact Lenses Are Perfect For Everyone

Most people who have poor eyesight that doesn’t want to wear eyeglasses prefer to use contact lenses. These colored contact lenses are the one that can be used by many people who always want to have a more beautiful eye. But if you’re going to know your right vision, then you should probably meet your eye doctor.

Wearing Contact Lenses Needs the Prescription of Your Eye Doctor

You will always need to meet your eye doctor even though the contacts you are wearing have a zero power. Colored contact lenses or the normal ones are the things that can damage your eye. Yes, it can give your eye a more beautiful look but take note to use it correctly. If your doctor says that your contacts are safe to wear, then go for it.

What’s Yours is Yours

The things that you are wearing personally like your undies are the one that you should never share with others. Just like your contact lenses, even if it is colored or regular, you should wear it all by yourself. Yes, sharing is okay but not at the point that you can share even your things. You might get some eye germs from your friend who wears the contact lenses that can lead you to have some eye infections.

Creating Abundance through Wealth Consciousness

Wealth and prosperity are about more than just money. A truly wealthy person has not only the money desired but also a fulfilling life in relationships, health, spirituality, and all areas. Taking steps to let go of a poverty consciousness that focuses on what’s missing and to develop a wealth consciousness that focuses on what’s possible can lead to a more joyous and fulfilling life.

Focusing on the good in lifeFocus and Energy

People with a wealth consciousness focus on the good in life and are grateful for what they already have, no matter how little. Concentrate on and appreciating something brings more of the same. On the other hand, focusing on what’s missing only brings more lack. Everything is energy. As what the first law of thermodynamics purports — energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and that is transmitted to one system from another. Money is just a flow of energy. The more that energy flows, the more money everyone has.

Beliefs and Thoughts

Negative beliefs lead to negative outcomes. People with a wealth consciousness are always looking to develop supportive beliefs. Believing that all the good men (women) are taken is no way to find a fulfilling relationship.

Most people also have negative conditioning around money, from hearing statements such as “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “We can’t afford it” to have experienced negative events involving money. Attracting more money means developing supportive beliefs around money, such as, “There is enough for everyone” and “Abundance is mine to attract.”

When a negative event occurs, one technique is to immediately ask, “What’s good about this situation?” Sometimes the best things come out of the worst situations.

Support for Prosperity

Someone who wants to develop a wealth consciousness can benefit by reading supportive books and listening to supportive audios. A few suggestions: Wayne Dyer, Loral Langemeier, T. Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, Esther and Jerry Hicks, David and Kristen Morelli, Bob Doyle, and Wallace Wattles. The messages are similar, but each author has a slightly different approach.

It’s also important to associate with supportive people. Some people are so uncomfortable with or even hostile to prosperity thinking that they exert a negative influence.

Wealth is Personal

What constitutes enough wealth is different for everyone. Each person came into being for a different life journey, so whether a person’s preference is lots of nice things or feeding the hungry, it’s a personal choice. Taking time to decide on a definition of wealth and prosperity leads to the ability to make choices that are personally right.

Wealth consciousness is a way to help fulfill personal life purpose and bring joy to the journey of life. Plus, thinking abundance is just a lot more fun than thinking lack.

Changing Eye Colors with Contact Lenses

People wear contact lenses for three main reasons. The first is because of vision problems, and they depend on contact lenses to see clearly. The second reason is they are better than glasses as they don’t get in the way. Contact lenses don’t have to be continuously adjusted, which is unlike glasses that are displaced continuously after various movements. The third reason to wear contact lenses is that they not only make you less geeky but are more fashionable too. If you are looking for something especially chic, you can choose to wear colored contact lenses.

Colored contacts for all occasionsChange your eye color

Colored contact lenses change your eye color, and thus significantly alter your appearance too. There are various brands of colored contact lenses, produced by leading contact lens developers. No matter if you have dark or light eyes, you are sure to find the right colored contact lens from the wide selection available.

Based on your physical features, you can determine if the color of a contact lens suits you or not. To ensure the lens looks good on you, some contact lens manufacturers have programs you can use to find out how you look with various colored contact lenses. It’s better to visit the company’s website to try the program for help in choosing the right colored lens for yourself.

To use this program, you just must upload your picture and try out different colored contact lenses. In case your chosen contact lens manufacturer does not have such a program, you can always visit an eye or vision center and try their free trial lenses.

In fact, this is a better way to try your colored contact lens as you not only find out if you look good in it, but you can also decide if you are comfortable wearing it too. Moreover, there are professionals here who can help you make your choice.

Consult your doctor

Not everyone can wear contact lenses or colored contact lenses as sometimes the lenses can lead to eye irritation. This is why it is better to visit and consult an eye specialist before first-time users start wearing colored contact lenses.

It is important that you always wear properly fitted contact lenses as if they do not fit well, they only cause eye irritation and may scratch your eye lens. It is your doctor who will be able to choose the right size lens for your eyes.

A prescription is required for contact lenses in the United States, even if you are buying them to make a fashion statement. This is because contact lenses are considered to be medical devices and should not be worn longer than prescribed.


Colored contact lenses should be cared for just like regular contact lenses. This means you have to wash your hands thoroughly before putting in contacts as any dust or lint on your contact can irritate your eye. Take your contacts out before sleeping to prevent eye damage or infection and always keep your contact case debris free.

Your case lid should fit tightly to prevent any possible leakage or entrance of bacteria. If you experience any discomfort while wearing your colored contact lens, stop using them! Moreover, never switch contacts with another person as it can lead to the trading of bacteria from one person to another that leads to irritation, infection, or injury.

Types of colored contact lenses

There are basically four types of colored contact lenses available, each with its individual benefit.

Visibility tint colored contact lenses are lightly tinted that make it easy to find your lens if dropped. These tints do not affect your eye color. Enhancement tint comes with a translucent tint that helps intensify light eyes without completely changing your eye color. These tints are slightly darker than visibility tints. A color tint is dark and opaque that changes your eye color. They come in various colors, including amethyst, green and violet and have a bright center so that you can see. The light filtering tints are best for athletes, and sports fans as they enhance some colors and mute others while making your eyeballs stand out. Tennis players who wear these colored contact lenses thus improve optic yellow, the tennis ball color. Colored contacts can be fashionable and fun. Just remember the above tips to keep your contacts fun and your eyes healthy.