Things You Need to Know Before Trying Colored Contacts

Are you one of many people who always love to wear colored contact lenses? Are you just wearing it for your eye to look more beautiful or just wearing it for some occasions? Then keep on reading the things that you should know before you try to wear colored contact lenses

Colored Contact Lenses are Just the Same with the Normal Ones

Colored contact lenses only have one difference with the normal one. Do you know what it is? Yes, their colors. As stated by Dr. Justin Bazan:

Contact lenses and the normal ones have the same designs, but the colored one has a clearer counterpart rather than the normal one.

Little Bit Uncomfortable to Wear

When you try to wear normal contact lenses, you might feel that it is quite thinner than the colored one. Wearing colored contacts might give you some uncomfortable feeling. But the advantage is that colored lenses are thicker and are more comfortable to remove and to wear than the regulars.

Colored contact lenses can add that added sparkle to your overall lookColored Contact Lenses Are Perfect For Everyone

Most people who have poor eyesight that doesn’t want to wear eyeglasses prefer to use contact lenses. These colored contact lenses are the one that can be used by many people who always want to have a more beautiful eye. But if you’re going to know your right vision, then you should probably meet your eye doctor.

Wearing Contact Lenses Needs the Prescription of Your Eye Doctor

You will always need to meet your eye doctor even though the contacts you are wearing have a zero power. Colored contact lenses or the normal ones are the things that can damage your eye. Yes, it can give your eye a more beautiful look but take note to use it correctly. If your doctor says that your contacts are safe to wear, then go for it.

What’s Yours is Yours

The things that you are wearing personally like your undies are the one that you should never share with others. Just like your contact lenses, even if it is colored or regular, you should wear it all by yourself. Yes, sharing is okay but not at the point that you can share even your things. You might get some eye germs from your friend who wears the contact lenses that can lead you to have some eye infections.

Creating Abundance through Wealth Consciousness

Wealth and prosperity are about more than just money. A truly wealthy person has not only the money desired but also a fulfilling life in relationships, health, spirituality, and all areas. Taking steps to let go of a poverty consciousness that focuses on what’s missing and to develop a wealth consciousness that focuses on what’s possible can lead to a more joyous and fulfilling life.

Focusing on the good in lifeFocus and Energy

People with a wealth consciousness focus on the good in life and are grateful for what they already have, no matter how little. Concentrate on and appreciating something brings more of the same. On the other hand, focusing on what’s missing only brings more lack. Everything is energy. As what the first law of thermodynamics purports — energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and that is transmitted to one system from another. Money is just a flow of energy. The more that energy flows, the more money everyone has.

Beliefs and Thoughts

Negative beliefs lead to negative outcomes. People with a wealth consciousness are always looking to develop supportive beliefs. Believing that all the good men (women) are taken is no way to find a fulfilling relationship.

Most people also have negative conditioning around money, from hearing statements such as “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “We can’t afford it” to have experienced negative events involving money. Attracting more money means developing supportive beliefs around money, such as, “There is enough for everyone” and “Abundance is mine to attract.”

When a negative event occurs, one technique is to immediately ask, “What’s good about this situation?” Sometimes the best things come out of the worst situations.

Support for Prosperity

Someone who wants to develop a wealth consciousness can benefit by reading supportive books and listening to supportive audios. A few suggestions: Wayne Dyer, Loral Langemeier, T. Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, Esther and Jerry Hicks, David and Kristen Morelli, Bob Doyle, and Wallace Wattles. The messages are similar, but each author has a slightly different approach.

It’s also important to associate with supportive people. Some people are so uncomfortable with or even hostile to prosperity thinking that they exert a negative influence.

Wealth is Personal

What constitutes enough wealth is different for everyone. Each person came into being for a different life journey, so whether a person’s preference is lots of nice things or feeding the hungry, it’s a personal choice. Taking time to decide on a definition of wealth and prosperity leads to the ability to make choices that are personally right.

Wealth consciousness is a way to help fulfill personal life purpose and bring joy to the journey of life. Plus, thinking abundance is just a lot more fun than thinking lack.

Changing Eye Colors with Contact Lenses

People wear contact lenses for three main reasons. The first is because of vision problems, and they depend on contact lenses to see clearly. The second reason is they are better than glasses as they don’t get in the way. Contact lenses don’t have to be continuously adjusted, which is unlike glasses that are displaced continuously after various movements. The third reason to wear contact lenses is that they not only make you less geeky but are more fashionable too. If you are looking for something especially chic, you can choose to wear colored contact lenses.

Colored contacts for all occasionsChange your eye color

Colored contact lenses change your eye color, and thus significantly alter your appearance too. There are various brands of colored contact lenses, produced by leading contact lens developers. No matter if you have dark or light eyes, you are sure to find the right colored contact lens from the wide selection available.

Based on your physical features, you can determine if the color of a contact lens suits you or not. To ensure the lens looks good on you, some contact lens manufacturers have programs you can use to find out how you look with various colored contact lenses. It’s better to visit the company’s website to try the program for help in choosing the right colored lens for yourself.

To use this program, you just must upload your picture and try out different colored contact lenses. In case your chosen contact lens manufacturer does not have such a program, you can always visit an eye or vision center and try their free trial lenses.

In fact, this is a better way to try your colored contact lens as you not only find out if you look good in it, but you can also decide if you are comfortable wearing it too. Moreover, there are professionals here who can help you make your choice.

Consult your doctor

Not everyone can wear contact lenses or colored contact lenses as sometimes the lenses can lead to eye irritation. This is why it is better to visit and consult an eye specialist before first-time users start wearing colored contact lenses.

It is important that you always wear properly fitted contact lenses as if they do not fit well, they only cause eye irritation and may scratch your eye lens. It is your doctor who will be able to choose the right size lens for your eyes.

A prescription is required for contact lenses in the United States, even if you are buying them to make a fashion statement. This is because contact lenses are considered to be medical devices and should not be worn longer than prescribed.


Colored contact lenses should be cared for just like regular contact lenses. This means you have to wash your hands thoroughly before putting in contacts as any dust or lint on your contact can irritate your eye. Take your contacts out before sleeping to prevent eye damage or infection and always keep your contact case debris free.

Your case lid should fit tightly to prevent any possible leakage or entrance of bacteria. If you experience any discomfort while wearing your colored contact lens, stop using them! Moreover, never switch contacts with another person as it can lead to the trading of bacteria from one person to another that leads to irritation, infection, or injury.

Types of colored contact lenses

There are basically four types of colored contact lenses available, each with its individual benefit.

Visibility tint colored contact lenses are lightly tinted that make it easy to find your lens if dropped. These tints do not affect your eye color. Enhancement tint comes with a translucent tint that helps intensify light eyes without completely changing your eye color. These tints are slightly darker than visibility tints. A color tint is dark and opaque that changes your eye color. They come in various colors, including amethyst, green and violet and have a bright center so that you can see. The light filtering tints are best for athletes, and sports fans as they enhance some colors and mute others while making your eyeballs stand out. Tennis players who wear these colored contact lenses thus improve optic yellow, the tennis ball color. Colored contacts can be fashionable and fun. Just remember the above tips to keep your contacts fun and your eyes healthy.

A Guide to Improving Self-Concept

The key to a happy life, successful career, strong relationships, and a general well-being has a good self-concept. Sometimes, however, that takes work. Julia T. Wood lines out four steps to developing a good self-concept in her book Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters. She says the key is making a firm commitment to personal growth, gain and use knowledge to support personal growth, set goals that are realistic and fair, and seek contexts that support personal change.

Make a firm commitment to personal growth

The first thing to do when deciding to improve self-concept is actually making the commitment to improve self-concept. It is a challenge and takes work. It’s cliché, but things are easier said than done. This means not letting setbacks prohibit moving forward and persevering through resistance.

Components of Self-ConceptGain and use knowledge to support personal growth

The first thing to do is identify what the current self-concept is and determine how that self-concept came to be. The second thing need is obtaining information about oneself. There are four types of information. The first is open information, which is known to both the individual and others. The second type is the blind area that others can see but the individual can’t. This might be something like an individual believing they are weak but others seeing strength. The hidden area is the area that an individual knows about but chooses not to share with others. The last part is the unknown area that no one has discovered yet. Obtaining all knowledge possible (and asking others for more information) can be very helpful.

Set goals that are realistic and fair

People who decide to work out for the first time will go to the gym and try and run three miles the first day. They burn out fast and give up quickly. The same concept applies here. Pick small goals, and work towards them. Don’t take on too much in the beginning and add or expand goals as the first ones get mastered.

Seek contexts that support personal change

If one wants to stop partying, they might not want to surround themselves with a party atmosphere. Someone trying to learn to be independent might want to move away from parents. Create an environment that will enhance the path toward final goals. Implementing supportive family, friends, and co-workers can also help one work towards creating a self-concept.

In the end, improving self-concept must be done for the individual, not for anyone else. It’s a slow process but important. People should periodically check their self-concept; it changes over time.