Flashlight Weapon Makes Targets Throw Up

It might look like a flashlight, but it is actually a nonlethal weapon that will make you sick.

It was developed by Vladimir Rubtsov and Bob Lieberman, part of a small R&D company located in Torrance, California. They have invented a multicolored, ultra bright lightsaber, that is at the same time dazzling and disorienting. This LED Incapacitator works so that the subject is simultaneously overwhelmed psychophysically by disorienting them and physiologically by temporarily blinding them.

The Journey to Wild Divine: The Passage 

A Thought Controlled Biofeedback Video Game Adventure 

The Journey to Wild Divine: The Passage – This biofeedback computer game helps to integrate mind and body to reduce stress, improve mental and physical performance, increase focus and creativity, and promote total wellness.

During the game, you move through enchanting and mystical landscapes using the power of your thoughts, feelings, breath, and awareness.

You need to complete around 40 events, with the help from wise mentors that will be guiding you through the realm territory, empowering you with meditation skills, breathing, and yoga. With the help of meditation, you can open doors, with your laughter you can juggle balls, with your breath you can build stairways, etc.

This product is making biofeedback, a very popular method for self-healing and alternative healthcare. It is very easy to access.

Map of the Sun Realm

Explore the realm of the Wild Divine as you wander from the Sun Palace to the Temple of Awareness, through the Town of Reverence, into the Tower of Legends and beyond. Experience the magic of your mind and body as you enter new states of awareness and discover your true potential.

The ThoughtStream Biofeedback System with Mental Games

This Personal Biofeedback can be easily used at home

This device is the first of its kind, complete system for training for personal biofeedback. In the past, the biofeedback device was available only by visiting certain professionals with expensive rates. Biofeedback is presented as the most effective tool for controlling stress. This device is helping you to hear, see, or see all the processes happening in the body and mind, that usually we aren’t aware of them consciously.

The Thoughtstream is helping its users to become aware of how they respond to stressful situations, and how can relax during those stressful situations. It can be easily carried everywhere, due to its design, great case for carrying, lightweight, headphones, Mental Games software, manual, etc.

The Neurotronics Laxman Light and Sound Mind Machine

The neurotronics Innertainment System from Laxman is sound and light machine that is first of its kind, combining effective sound and light entrainment with features of a top-quality multimedia device.

This device has patented the goggles for an all-color Ganzfeld open eye, which can transmit any of the colors showed on the light spectrum onto the closed or open eyes indirectly. This device works great for shifting between mind-states using different kaleidoscopic structures.

Also, this Laxman device has more than four hours of soothing sounds that are produced professionally and used for sessions that are pre-programmed. Additionally, the LaxEdit software is allowing the users to upload their favorite MP3 songs for the sound and light sessions.