Changing Your Brainwaves Using Auditory Binaural Beat

There has been a surge of interest in binaural beats during recent years, and a number of software only products that utilize this technology have become quite popular.

What are they?

The binaural beat is being generated by two tones. Each of those tones has a slightly different pitch. One of the tones is presented to the right ear, the other one to the left. Their combination is one tone sensed by the brain.

These binaural beats are the most used stimulus for entrainment. They appeared to be working, but other entrainment techniques are more effective. Our machines produce binaural beats and dual binaural beats. They also include other audio entrainment methods in addition to these. I’ve personally found that frequency following effect of binaural beats is quite modest, but they do actually work and have an effect on brainwaves that can be shown with EEG.